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Tibet has a long history but the written history is more clearly recorded since the seventh century after master Sambhota, invented or developed the standard Tibetan script. The histories about the 32 former kings were probably told orally generation after generation and they are full of mystery and legends. Generally. Tibetan history is divided into five parts.    1. The primitive historic period.  2. The Tsenpo period.  3. Decentralization period.  4. Sakya, Pagdru and Tsanpa king’s period.   5. Ganden Podrang period. During the past thousand of years, the Tibetans have developed a unique culture that has strongly been influenced by the local Bon religion and Buddhism.

History Milestone of Tibet

Tibet history

Tibet history. Millions of years ago, Tibet was cover by a big sea. Slowly, great pressure from the Indian continent forced the land north of the Himalayan range upward to became the Asian plateau of Tibet. It’s average elevation is about four thousand meters above the sea...
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Ganden Phodrang

The Ganden Phodrang , new era began with the Great 5th Dalai Lama, Lobsang Gyatso, who unified Central Tibet with the support first of the Mongol Gushri Khan and then the Qing emperor in the 17th century. He established a new system of government, known as the Ganden Phondrang,...
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Tibet first king

The first King, Nyatri Tsenpo In the process of historical development, one big change was from primitive society to slavery system. Different tribes had to fight for the ownership of land and other issues. Therefore, it was important to look for a capable King who could rule...
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Jowo Shakyamuni, Buddha statue heart of Jokahng Temple

Religion in Tibet

Religion in Tibet – Bon and Buddhism. Before the seventh century almost all the Tibetans including the Kings and ministers believed and practiced a religions called Bon, which is native to Tibet. It is believed that Tonpa Sherap, who was the founder of Bon, came from Olmo...
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Human Evolution in Tibet

History of Tibet, human evolution,  There is a beautiful legend related with the origin of human beings on the highland of Tibet. It is said that once upon a time Avalokitesvara, the Buddha of compassion gave lay-practitioner’s vow to a monkey and sent it to the snowy land...
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Tibet Decentralised

Tibet Decentralised Period, This episode ended the lineage of King in 842 A.D. The royal family dissolved and there was no strong government in Tibet until much later. A number of small Kingdoms arose in different areas, but there was no central administration and even the...
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