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Dates of Tibet festivals are traditionally based on lunar calendar, the lunar calendar is calculated each year by astrologers from Mentse Khang (Tibetan Traditional Medicine Centre). Normally a year contain12 months, but the missing or addition of an extra intercalary month for astrological reasons is not uncommon. So the festivals dates are vary in every year. Generally Tibetan Lunar month is about two months behind the western calendar.

Most of the Tibetan festivals on the Tibetan plateaus are deeply connected with their strong Buddhist influence or rich ancestral culture. During the festivals, all the people wear traditional costume and perform different traditional dances and ritual activities. Festival is the best way to experience the breathing culture and tradition of the local and their ethnical affinity.

Important Tibetan Festivals

Butter Lamp Festival

This delicious-sounding festival involves lighting butter lamps (lamps made of butter) and displaying butter sculptures in order to commemorate Shakyamuni Buddhas great debating victory over his opponents about 2,500 years ago in India. He bested them in a great debate. The...
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Tibetan New Year

Tibetan New Year is the traditional holiday of Tibetan. It’s called “Losar ”  into Tibetan, According to the written history, Tibet had a rich production experience in 100 B.C. At that time,when spring was very much in the air,people were happy and joyful....
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butter lamps festival

butter lamp festival Today in Tibet holing Butter lamps festival in all Tibetan temples one can see butter lamps, oil lamps, or candles offered to the Buddhas and Boddhisattvas. As common sense we know that lights dispel darkness and make it possible for us to when we move around...
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Saga Dawa Festival

Saga Dawa festival, the fourth month in Tibetan lunar calendar is called Saga Dawa. It is the most auspicious month because Buddha Shakyamuni was born in this month, moreover, he attained enlightenment and passed into Nirvana in this month as well. Buddhists believe that the...
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Tibetan Horse racing skill, famous with Gyangtse damak

Gyangtse Horse racing

Gyangtse horse racing “Gyangtse dama festival”, The festival time are 20 first day of July every year holding same time, is very colourful time to be in Gyangtse county, lots of differences performance, like Tibetan opera or Ston leave, and so on, there streets are thouasand...
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