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Tibet food

Tibet food When traveling tibet, it is advisable to have a taste of the traditional tibetan good. The representative tibetan food is stewed mutton, beef, Zamba or kind of roasted barley flour. Butter tea and barley beer. The taste of Tibetan food stresees on being light and...
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Human Evolution in Tibet

History of Tibet, human evolution, ¬†There is a beautiful legend related with the origin of human beings on the highland of Tibet. It is said that once upon a time Avalokitesvara, the Buddha of compassion gave lay-practitioner’s vow to a monkey and sent it to the snowy land...
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Tibetan New Year

Tibetan New Year is the traditional holiday of Tibetan. It’s called “Losar ” ¬†into Tibetan, According to the written history, Tibet had a rich production experience in 100 B.C. At that time,when spring was very much in the air,people were happy and joyful....
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Drepung monastery

Drepung monastery is the biggest Gelugpa learning center and it is located o the slope of Gepel O-tse mountain just to the west of Lhasa city. It was founded in 1416 by Jamyang Choeje Tashi Palden who was one of the main disciples of master Tsongkhapa. The are four main Dratsang...
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Sera monastery

Sera monastery is the second biggest Gelugpu learning center, founded in 1419 by Chamchen Choeje Sakya Yeshe at the base of the hill just north of Lhasa. Originally Tsongkhapa stayed in retreat in a hermitage above Sera monastery. There are three main colleges in Sera with many...
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Jokhang Temple, Built by Brikuti, Nepalese wife of King songtsen Gampo

Jokhang temple

The Jokhang temple is located in the center of Lhasa city and is considered the most sacred Buddhist temple in Tibet. It was originally built for the statue of the Buddha called Jowo that was brought to Tibet by Brikuti Devi, the Nepalese wife of King Songtsen Gambo as her dowry....
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SamYe Monastery, First monastery built in 8th century

Samye Monastery

Samye was built in the 8th century as the first monastery of Tibet. King Trisong Detsen tried to built it with the advice of the famous Indian abbot Shantarakshita. But many demons caused obstacles to prevent its construction. During the day time people worked hard to built, and...
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Drigung Monastery

Drigung Monastery is located in Medrogongkar county and the distance from Lhasa is about 140 Kilometres. It was founded by Kyoppa Jigten Gonpo in 1179. He was one of the main discipline of Paktru Dorje Gyalpo, a disciple of Dakpo Lhaje who in turn is the heart son of the Yogi...
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