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Human Evolution in Tibet

History of Tibet, human evolution, ¬†There is a beautiful legend related with the origin of human beings on the highland of Tibet. It is said that once upon a time Avalokitesvara, the Buddha of compassion gave lay-practitioner’s vow to a monkey and sent it to the snowy land...
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Tibetan New Year

Tibetan New Year is the traditional holiday of Tibetan. It’s called “Losar ” ¬†into Tibetan, According to the written history, Tibet had a rich production experience in 100 B.C. At that time,when spring was very much in the air,people were happy and joyful....
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Tedrom Nunnery

Tedrom Nunnery it is located just over 5Kilometers north-west of Drigung monastery, it had a powerful hotspring surrounded by majestic Rocky Mountains considered to conceal great treasures. In the eight century, the master Padmasambhava and his spiritual consort Yeshe Tsogyal...
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