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Mountain himalaya


Himalaya Many globally famous mountains in the Tibet plateau constitute the backbone of the plateau terrain in tibet. And these mountains are also place where ancient and modern glaciers started evolution. Splendid peaks an elevation of over 5,000 meters are capped with snow the...
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Tibet tour

Today in Tibet

Today in Tibet so beautiful weather, nice sun shining, if you are interesting traveling to highest the place in the world, there are sky bent down to Earth kiss with around Snow Mountain, Rock hill.
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Tibet agency

Tibet food

Tibet food When traveling tibet, it is advisable to have a taste of the traditional tibetan good. The representative tibetan food is stewed mutton, beef, Zamba or kind of roasted barley flour. Butter tea and barley beer. The taste of Tibetan food stresees on being light and...
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Tibet custom

Tibet custom, the Lhasa Customs is a local organ of the general Administration of Customs, PRC, and has under it the customs set up in Shigatse, Nyalam, and Gyirong county customs. The Lhasa customs deals with the Customs procedures for foreigners and overseas Tibetans who enter...
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3days trip

days trip. Tibetan travel agency arranged for travellers permits and 3days private guide for visiting Lhasa and the country nearby. Is can be great and comfortable with reasonable price. Travellers immediately and very correct. Our agency all the highlights in Lhasa with a good...
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2017 tour to Tibet

Tonight we will go beyond 2016, Tomorrow is 2017. Wish you all have a healthy、 happy and prosperous New Year! Tashideleks! At the same time our Tibetan travel agency 2017 year, offer you best tailor-made tour packages differnce corner of Tibet in order to customer can enjoyed...
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Tibet winter tour

This one of the best tibet winter tour package, is offers you a great experience of authentic Tibet, following in Tibet Snow Mountain with the beautifully Himalaya, Also peaceful Buddhist prayers will enrich your experiences on the Tibetan plateau. Specially you will get chance...
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Chirstmas day

Christmas Day, Today is one of the most popular festive Marry Christian holidays in many countries around the world. At same time I would like to say all friend happy Marry Chirstma, who faith Jesus!
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butter lamps festival

butter lamp festival Today in Tibet holing Butter lamps festival in all Tibetan temples one can see butter lamps, oil lamps, or candles offered to the Buddhas and Boddhisattvas. As common sense we know that lights dispel darkness and make it possible for us to when we move around...
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Food in Tibet

Traditional Tibetan food consist mainly barley, meat and dairy products. Vegetasbles are scarce in the high altitude.  Here are some main Traditional Tibetan food and drinks: Tibetan Food: 1. Tsampa: Tsampa consumed daily is the staple food of Tibetan people, which is roasted...
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