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About us we are builded tours operating agency developed by a team of local people based in Lhasa. We have been developing our capacity constantly through training and exchanges. We also recruit local well-skilled and experienced drivers and tour guide so that we can ensure safety and our guests can enjoy their full time here. We are able to obtain all the necessary permits and other relevant documents on time to gain easy access to all the destinations or touristic site. We also arrange tours to other regions. We are always happy to serve you !


Why do you prefer Tibetan Travel Agency not others?


Items Tibetan Travel Agency Other Travel Agencies
Tibet Permit Tibet travel Agency has maintained an intimate cooperative relationship with Tibetan local government for years, so your Tibet travel permit is more guaranteed. Always not Sure
Service Response a. Always respond to your e-mail inquiry within 0.5-24 hours.
b. 7/24 quick tour support during your travel.
Most of them are third-middle men, who need to confirm withthe local tour operator all the time, until then they could be able to get back to you.
Tibet Travel Agency is the first travel agency to establish tour quality management system in Tibet. All the tour procedures are conducted on the basis of a general guideline to guarantee service quality. Most of them are devoid of such practice and system, potentially putting tourist at risk.
Competitive Price As we receive thousands of tourists each year, the large quantity of tours actually brings down the cost of tour operation and benefits tourists. More expensive
Reliable Brand With more than 10 year’s business experience, Tibetan Travel Agency has become a leading travel agency with prestigious brand universally recognized by the government, and within the Tibet Tourism industry and global tourists. Please confirm their legality and existencerepeatedly before book a trip.