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Food in Tibet

Traditional Tibetan food consist mainly barley, meat and dairy products. Vegetasbles are scarce in the high altitude.  Here are some main Traditional Tibetan food and drinks: Tibetan Food: 1. Tsampa: Tsampa consumed daily is the staple food of Tibetan people, which is roasted...
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Drak Yerpa, Best cycling tours route of Tibet

Tibet Travel General FAQ’s

 Independe travel has been prohibited in Tibet since 2008, so all the travelers should come part of an organized tour group or a private tour from a local Tibet based agency, because all foriegn travelers should h[tb_google_map address=”6921 Brayton Drive, Anchorage,...
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Lizhi (nyingchi) Peach and Cherry blossom

Tibet Hotel

Tibet Hotel. As a remote area, Tibet dose not have very favorable accommodation conditions, but the lodging condition in Tibet has been greatly improved due to rapidly developing tourism in Tibet. Generally speaking, the overall level of accommodation in Tibet is lower than that...
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Tibet Travel Permit, Basic Permit for every foreigner travller in Tibet

Tibet Travel Permit

1. What documents do I need to visit Tibet? To visit Tibet you should have a valid passport, a Chinese visa and Tibet Travel Permit, it is also called a Tibet Entry Permit or Tibet Visa. When you book the tour from us, we will obtain the Tibet Travel Permit for you from the Tibet...
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